24 hour Verterinary Emergency Centre (VEC) at Kennedy Town.

The Cat Hospital at Central.
The First Cat Hospital since 2003 .

VEC at Kennedy Town.

24hr Veterinary Emergency Centre (VEC) & The Cat Hospital 

9Lives is dedicated to creating for you and your pets a comfortable, relaxing, safe and professional veterinary and caretaking environment.

With our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, our professional, experienced vet team is capable of effective diagnosis and operations.

We also provide dedicated care, cat-exclusive facilities, medicating and other caring services to walk with you along the path of your pets' health. 


About Us

Veterinary Emergency Centre (VEC)

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide 24-hour emergency service for you and your beloved pets. We'll be here whenever you need us. The Emergency Room is always open in our hospital. Nights, weekends, and holidays “ we're still here when you need us. Our clients and referring veterinarians choose VEC Emergency Services because of our excellence in care, the depth of our medical knowledge and experience, the best technology available, and our staff's kindness and hope.

Address: Shop 4-6, G/F, Shui Fai Bldg, 19 Hau Wo Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Tel: 2334 2334
Whatsapp: 6828-6620

Mon-Sun & Public Holiday
Opening Hours: 24hrs


 The Cat Hospital

The first cat exclusive veterinary hospital since 2003 with 17 years of experience with cat owners in Hong Kong. We strive to provide comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality feline veterinary medical and surgical care with cutting-edge technology to ensure that our patients lead healthier, happier longer lives. We put this philosophy in motion in a modern, clean, and caring environment.

Address: G/F, 37 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2505 2505
Whatsapp: 6828-6620

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun & Public Holiday: 9:00 - 19:00



The Cat Hospital



  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    9Lives Veterinary Emergency Centre (VEC) Is Prepared For Any Critical Situation:

    Traumatic injuries - fractures, bites, burns, lacerations | Automobile accidents | Respiratory emergencies, choking, breathing problems | Vomiting, diarrhea | Difficulty urinating or defecating | Shock or loss of consciousness | Seizures | Toxic reactions, poison ingestion | Labor and pregnancy problems | Blood in urine or feces |  Heatstroke | Postoperative or post-anesthetic problems | Pain management | Inability or unwillingness to eat | Blood transfusion | And more...

  • Surgery

    Our team is able to perform surgery for a wide variety of conditions. We can cover all areas including de-sexing, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. Post-operative care is critical to your pet’s comfort and recuperation. After surgery, our vet surgeon will thoroughly go through the procedure with you and give you as much time as you need to ask questions.

  • Preventative Care

    Preventing illness and disease is essential to keeping your pet healthy throughout its life. At 9Lives we believe that prevention is better than cure and our team is always happy to help you better understand how you can be more proactive with your pet’s healthcare.

  • Complete Health Check

    We recommend check-ups every 6 months and during each of their annual vaccination visits! This gives us far more specificity when we are interpreting your pet’s future blood results and will allow us to diagnose many conditions much earlier.

  • Dental Care

    Same as humans, dental care in pets is crucial to a pet's general health. Regular dental check-ups play a key role in preventing disease and dental pains in your pet. If such issues go unnoticed, it can lead to infections that have been linked with the development of kidney and heart diseases.

  • Geriatric Care

    Thanks to better nutrition and advances in our understanding of aging, our companion cats and dogs are living longer. Many chronic diseases need to be recognized and managed for happier geriatric cats and better longevity.  Our nursing staff can help you with a number of home care techniques to minimize trips to the hospital. With properly managed and controlled, patients can enjoy more years of good quality life.

  • Paediatric Care

    At 9Lives, our vets are here to provide your puppy or kitten with all of the preventive programs, such as vaccinations, parasite control, nutritional advice, and other counselling, so that your pet gets off to a great start in life. Our medical staff understand that puppies and kittens have certain needs and illnesses in their age group. We are here to diagnose the problem, offer treatment options, and provide recommendations for follow-up care.

  • Acupuncture

    9Lives offer various medical services to help your pets find the most suitable treatment. We offer Veterinary acupuncture for pets as it relies on stimulating specific points on your pet’s body to produce healing responses. Acupuncture is very useful for animals with muscle or joint problems, skin disease and gastrointestinal upsets. Acupuncture can also help improve blood circulation, stimulate nerves and relieve muscle spasm.

  • Cats Exclusive Facilities

    At 9Lives, we are acutely aware of the importance of keeping pets calm and relaxed, especially when they are unwell. Our Aberdeen Street clinic opened as a cat only veterinary hospital in 2003 and we are proud to say it will stay as a cats exclusive facility.

  • Dedicated Care Services

    We know that sometimes pets can get nervous when multiple different people are tending to them and how difficult it can be to medicate your pet. To make it easier and stress-free for you and your pet, you can choose to have a single nurse stay with your pet throughout their time here by electing to use our Nurse Babysitting service.

  • Medicating Service

    We understand how hard it is to medicate your pet, especially when some medications require up to three doses per day. Therefore, we are offering a new service where you can drop your pet off with our expert and friendly team for our team to medicate your pet until the condition resolves or until you are convenient to medicate it at home.


  • Waiting area - Cats and Dogs segregation

    Our friendly staff will make you feel at ease and help you with any questions you might have.

  • Exam Room

    Inviting exam rooms designed to calm your pets & reduce anxiety.

  • Laboratory

    Our in house laboratory ensures quick test results.

  • X-Ray Room

    We utilize Digital Radiography Systems for faster and more efficient X-Ray imaging.

  • CT

    When a problem is suspected yet cannot be seen by a simple X-ray or ultrasound, CT scan will be recommended for a more detailed analysis. 

  • Premium Ultrasound Machine

    Premium ultrasound machine which covers a broad range of examinations to deliver high-quality care to the wide range of patients

  • Surgery Suite

    Advanced equipment enhance our vet surgeons to safely perform any operation for your pet.

  • Endoscope

    Veterinary endoscope with extended lengths and small diameters ideally suits for various applications in both dogs and cat.

  • Cat and Dog Ward

    Cats and Dogs have separate facilities.


    BSc, BVSc (Hon) | Senior Veterinarian, Head of Primary Care

    [9Lives Veterinary Hospital | Kennedy Town] 

    Dr. Ryan has been a Veterinarian for over 10 years in South Africa and Hong Kong. He has post graduate studies in diagnostic imaging and small animal medicine. He has practiced in emergency and critical care settings, specialist referral hospitals as well as general practice. The exposure has improved his knowledge in all facets of veterinary medicine and surgery.

    BVMedSci(Hons), BVM, BVS, MRCVS | Senior Veterinarian

    [9Lives Veterinary Hospital | Kennedy Town] 
    Dr. Maiyanne Ben-David has been a vet for over 9 years and has worked in the UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong. She was the first person to graduate from Nottingham Vet School in the UK in their first ever cohort of vets.

    She enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery and will always go that extra mile for your pet.

    BSc, BVSc, MRCVS | Senior Veterinarian

    [9Lives Kennedy Town | 9Lives Central] 
    Dr. Tiffany is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. She study Veterinary Science at the Onderstepoort campus, part of the University of Pretoria and completed her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Veterinary Biology in 2006 and went on to complete her Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences (BVSc) in 2010. After graduation she started practising in Johannesburg doing small animals. In 2016 she decided to pursue further studies and enrolled in a Veterinary Masters degree through Massey University in New Zealand. Dr. Tiffany good at ultrasound, soft tissue surgery and wellness care. 

    BVSc (Hons), MPhil, MANZCVS (ECC) | Emergency Veterinarian

    [9Lives VEC | Kennedy Town]

    Dr. Wong started working as a small animal veterinarian in rural South Australia after graduation, then furthered her knowledge and skills in a small animal emergency through an emergency internship in Melbourne city and stayed with a specialist referral/ emergency center few years until 2020 before returning to Hong Kong. She has completed post-graduate education in Emergency and critical care and became a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) by examination in 2019.

    BVSc | Emergency Veterinarian

    [9Lives VEC | Kennedy Town]
    Dr. Ross Gascoigne grew up in Australia and first moved to Hong Kong in 2006 after graduating from the University of Melbourne. He has been a small animal Veterinary Surgeon for 14 years, He has been working in Australia and the UK.

    Dr. Ross’s has extensive experience with emergency medicine, both in Hong Kong and in a specialised emergency centre in Melbourne.

    He considers Hong Kong home, and knows the special bond many people in this busy city have with their pets. He has two cats of his own, Toby and Jonesy.

    BA, VetMB, MRCVS | Senior Veterinarian

    [The Cat Hospital | Central] 
    Dr. Benjamin obtained his degree in Veterinary medicine at the University of Cambridge, UK.

    After working with stray and wild animals in several countries around Asia, he decided to move to Hong Kong。

    He has been taking care of the cats and dogs of Hong Kong for more then 14 years and he has over 5 years experience in emergency medicine.

    His areas of special interest include diagnostic imaging and internal medicine.

    BBmed, DVM | Veterinarian

    [The Cat Hospital | Central] 

    Dr. Karly  obtained both her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine and Postgraduate Veterinary degree at the University of Melbourne. She has always been passionate for senior animal care. During her final year as a veterinary student, she developed particular interest in small animals acupuncture, she completed the Small Animal Acupuncture Program at the Chi Institute.  

    Her special focus include small animal ultrasonography, acupuncture and senior animal care.


  • 2020-02-13
    What is acupuncture? How can it help my pet?

    We have noticed about there are some online discussions regarding acupuncture on pets.

    Many owners have questions about what conditions acupuncture can treat.

    Acupuncture can help relieving pain caused by different conditions, such as degenerative arthritis, spinal disc disease, and even paralysis.

    Dogs and cats having such conditions can be beneficial from acupuncture treatments.

    It also helps in relieving pain and discomfort from surgical procedures, and speeds up recovery and healing.

    Please contact us to learn more about acupuncture for your pets.


9Lives Veterinary Hospital & Veterinary Emergency Centre (VEC)